Moving Crossrail Five Face DCMC

Fixed Crossrail Five Face DCMC
  • A new generation of U-type (E series) machining tool, the Moving Crossrail Five-Face Double-Column Machining Center aims to contribute to the enhancement of the global machinery manufacturing sector. Designed by Canadian Phillips-Olympia and manufactured by Hision, this state-of-the-art machining center uses optimized structure design of cross beam, column, bed and saddle and integrates the design with advanced international design concepts.

    Features of the Moving Crossrail Five-Face Double-Column Machining Center include:
    • Increased stability of double-column frame to achieve more rigid and accurate performance.
    • Advanced full gear transmission mechanism to provide strong cutting performance.
    • Intelligent pre-diagnosis scheme utilizes a new maintenance concept with more active service.
    • Rich head attachment to allow for new tool-changing methods to meet our clients' varying processing needs
    • Finite element analysis provides optimum structural rigidity and improved distribution of weight.