Heavy-Duty Porous Plastic Pavers For Express-ways and Highways


  • MIPE is promoted and supported by engineers from Nagpur with rich experience of 30+ years in manufacturing and service industry
  • We contribute our expertise to development of
    • Plastic Industry,
    • Machine Tools Industry,
    • General Engineering industry
    • Infrastructure Development
  • Our exposure to various developed nations such as Germany, UK, France, China, Korea,& USA has given us few new ideas / concepts
  • The economy of a country grows with the speed of development in Infrastructure industry.
  • New enthusiastic Government and the Ministry seems to have taken up this cause for expediting the growth
  • We as group would like to a part of this growth in small way
  • We are presently targeting only permanent and temporary roads under this category of this industry
  • The speed at which the roads are being built for various reasons is very slow at present
  • The present style as well disturbs the movement of traffic
  • One of such concept is PAVERS which are very abundantly used in Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development

  • We can put it under two heads
    • Temporary Development
    • Permanent Development
  • Temporary Development is one which is used for the short duration and needs to be used repeatedly.
  • Permanent Development is one which is long lasting
  • In our country where we have so many occasions when people walk distances or gather at a place in quite large numbers, creates necessity of temporary walk way or firm platform

Temporary Development

  • The necessity of the firm walk-way during temporary development is becoming must considering the mishaps like stampede etc.
  • Presently sand sacs are used to create such walkways but due to mud it becomes slippery and thus results in stampede
  • The stampede owing to large number of people can be avoided at places like Kumbh mela or Palkhi
  • For which PAVERS is the answer. Post such occasions this can be removed & stored for next time use

Parmanent Development

  • Under the development plan various high ways, state and national, as well express ways are being considered to be developed
  • The pavers in discussions can carry a load of 8 to 12 t per sq. mtrs.
  • This would facilitate the quicker movement
  • As the present practice of building the road takes longer time and as well hampers the movement for long time PAVERS can be the answer
  • Similarly in any town/city under the beautification program the pavement can be constructed with it.


  • What is this PAVERS & how it looks like (Please see the image)
  • If you watch it closely then it has interlocking provision
  • The PAVERS are of different type and it is decided by its use, i.e. load carrying capacity
  • The property of plastic which otherwise calls for ban on it i.e. non-biodegradable , makes it useful in this application


  • Lorry, Coach, and Car Parks
  • Emergency Fire Access Roads
  • HGV Service Access Roads
  • Road Widening
  • Footpaths
  • Lay Bays
  • Temporary Pat-ways
  • Service Yards


  • Being made from non- biodegradable plastic has longer life compared to cement
  • Does not develops cracks like cement/tar roads
  • No steel/stone reinforcement like cement/tar roads
  • The consumption of cement is less if necessary
  • High compressive strength
  • Produced from recycled plastic/plastic waste thus solves the problem of plastic scrap

Paver Applications

Paver Applications

Road Widening / Elevation / Preparation

Large capacity Plant Large capacity Plant Large capacity Plant

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